Wicked Good

How much more would you have made over the past couple of years if you eliminated all chargebacks or look-backs?

We can show you how to make chargebacks and look-backs a thing of the past.  At 5Q, we teach you how to use the 21-Point Checklist to get people to tell you: 

•    They want to leave their current advisor.  
•    They want to move all their accounts away from him.  
•    And they want you to take care of their money.

When it’s the clients’ idea, they never change their mind.  

When you let someone else pay for your upfront marketing, get clients to move all their accounts to you, and eliminate chargebacks you are well on your way to a personal best year.   

We set aside two days every month to show people exactly what we do.  Spend a day-and-a-half with us and see everything for yourself from front to back.   

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