5Q is a two-pronged program that:
  • Shows you how to get in front of people with money, who have an advisor, using a powerful Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to capture their attention.
  • Shows you how to use the 21-Point Checklist and SAIL concept to get those people to leave their current advisor and move their accounts to you

Conventional marketing gets you in front of do-it-yourself investors and people with no money (but you already knew that). 

Why?  Because that kind of marketing tries to lure people with “learning.”   But an AARP and US NEWS survey ranked “education” (or “learning”) as dead last on a list of things retirees spend their time doing.  Is it any wonder that it only works to get people looking for a free meal and the handful of do-it-yourselfers whose hobby is learning?

In contrast, our system leverages powerful USPs that address 13 top concerns that Retirees have.  

But most of them will have an advisor.  That’s where the 21-Point Checklist comes in.  It’s the secret sauce that gets everyone to move their accounts away from their current advisor and over to you.  It turns out that there is one thing that gets everyone to leave their current advisor regardless of how good they have it or how few problems they think they have.  And the 21-Point Checklist helps them identify up to 21 examples of that one thing in their current situation.

When you combine getting in front of the right people with a tool to get those people to move everything to you, you’ve got a surefire recipe for success. 

Interested in registering for our 2-hour online materclass to see the step-by-step process?  Feel free to email our agent development team for more information or to get the link to our next online webinar.