Why it Works

We’ve been doing this since 2001.  And during that time we’ve been recognized by Selling Power magazine as one of “America’s 15 Most Successful Sales Forces”.  That list of 15 included UPS (the brown truck company) and Siemen’s Industrial (one of the largest companies in the world). 

We were the only financial marketing company to make the cut.  
How were we able to do that?

By showing a small sales force of only 150 advisors how to get in front of the right people and by giving those advisors a tool (the 21-Point Checklist) to get those people to move all their accounts over to them.

We know from over two-decades of experience that it works.  But you need a way to evaluate whether or not it will work for you.  That’s why we set aside two days for people to see everything we do from front to back for themselves.  We don’t hold anything back.  We show you:

  • Exactly how we get you in front of the right people
  • How we get those people to make appointments to see you
  • How we use the 21-Point Checklist to get people to move their accounts over to you

This is your opportunity to kick the tires, check under the hood, and ask every question.  

We encourage you to sample our coaching (under “Free Tools”), and call us with any questions.  

You can reach one of our 5Q Specialists by calling, (877) 941-9710.  We welcome the opportunity to talk to you!