The Secret Sauce

Have you ever had someone sit and listen to your ideas and then take your ideas and information to their current advisor?  It happens a lot.

The reason it happens is that most advisors rely on “beauty pageant tactics” to bring on new clients.  We think if we are prettier, funnier, and smarter than the other guy people will choose us and work with us.

But clients hate hassle and confrontation.  And it’s a hassle to change advisors…and there is confrontation involved in leaving the guy you’ve been with for years. 

Remember, if we are getting in front of the “right people,” we are meeting with people who have good assets, good incomes, and no debt.  Things are good for them!  And it’s just too hard to prove that anything you have is “gooder” enough to get them to want to jeopardize the good life they have by making changes to what they are doing.  You end up missing more people than you get.

What about making the other guy look ugly by pointing out all the problems with their current financial plan?  That fails for the same reason.  How many problems do people with good assets, good incomes, and low debt think they have?  And if we try and convince them that their problems are bigger than they think, they jump to the conclusion that we are making mountains out of molehills because we want them to move their money to us.

The “right people” won’t jeopardize the good life they have for something that might be a little bit better, and they don’t think they have problems big enough to matter.  So, how do you get someone like that to move all their accounts to you?

Walk them through the 21-POINT CHECKLIST.   The 21-POINT CHECKLIST is the secret sauce that gets EVERYONE to move to you.   It turns out that there is one thing that gets everyone to leave their current advisor regardless of how good they have it or how few problems they think they have.  And the 21-POINT CHECKLIST helps them identify up to 21 examples of that one thing in their current situation.