Increase Your Client's Income by 25% or more...with No Additional Risk 
(Step-by-Step video shows how)

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Here are some of the highlights that you can quickly visit, by going to the time stamps shown below:   

25:17 – Our Unique Selling Proposition (USP) -- "Increase your Clients income by 25% or more... with No Additional Risk", and the 3 ways we can fulfill that promise
34:56 – The integrated system… it starts with marketing to get them in your office, and ends with them moving their assets to you 
37:16 – These 5 Questions get 100% of prospects to opt into the process at the first meeting 
42:10 – See how we can reduce the tax on your client’s Investment Income to 1%  
46:11 – 21 items we use to close 94% of prospects (including tire kickers and plate lickers) 
54:26 – 6 Morningstar reports that other advisors skip… and how we explain those reports to get clients to leave their current advisor and move to you 
1:03:20 – The exact script that gets everyone with VA’s to move their money to you 
1:40:32 – SAIL--How we Increase Client’s income 25% and reduce their risk  
1:48:18 – Interested in 5Q? Here's what we offer...

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