No Pay and Pray

Paying and praying is something we’ve all done.  You pay for a mailer or ad and then pray that it works to get the phone ringing.  Stop doing that!

Most marketing companies ask you to spend your money to try their marketing, promising that it will work.  That’s risky.  You’re risking your time and your money, hoping that they’re right.  But if these marketing companies are so sure that their marketing works, shouldn’t they be willing to pay for it?

At 5Q we’re so sure that our marketing works to get you in front of people that we put our money where our mouth is; we guaranteeyour marketing.  We pay YOU back, if our marketing doesn't work.  It’s our way of proving that we can get you in front of people.

There isn’t any risk to you.  If we don’t put you in front of anyone, you don’t pay anything.  

But because of the 21 POINT CHECKLIST, our advisors are able to move all of a client’s accounts over.  The average case size is $210,000 with an average compensation for each case being just over $12,000 to the advisor.  Imagine what you could make in a month!  Imagine what you could make in a year!

7 People…with $100,000 to $3 million to invest…in your office...looking for an advisor’s help.  Interested?

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